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Everyone has some form of addiction tendency such as coffee or sweets or something that is relatively harmless. Problems occur when the substance or interaction is potentially deadly or seriously destructive and the use also moves from a tendency to habitual regular problem. At that point it becomes an addiction.

It is an addiction when your use of a substance or interaction (gambling) hurts yourself or someone close to you. The hurt may include the loss of a job, relationship breakdown, violence, breaking the law and legal problems, financial problems/debts, serious health and mental health problems, and the loss of anything else that you or those close to you judge to be important and valuable.

The worst hurt is that addiction destroys the addicted person and family and friends feel helpless to do anything to stop that.

I have been assisting people with addictions for nearly twenty years and have seen numerous people change their lives. Change happens when the addict makes a decision to stop the behaviour and get help.

Types of addictions I can help you with include:

  • Drugs
  • Gambling
  • Pornography
  • Internet
  • Sex
  • Smoking
  • Alcohol

Addictions Can Be Treated!!

David is experienced and trained in a number of therapies and proven treatments for addictions. He can help you with the issues that are causing your addiction and assist you to get back to a productive and happy life.

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Appointments are available weekdays 9am to 8pm & Saturdays 8am to 11am. I am registered to offer Medicare and private health insurance rebates. The cost of seeing a psychologist has been made manageable due to the Better Outcomes in Mental Health. The cost of your appointment is supplemented by a Medicare rebate if you have been referred by your GP.

You can improve your life.

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